About Ututor

The world has changed. Gone are the days where most of the workforce was needed in factory lines, with students being trained to follow rules and processes. Today’s world demands individualism, creativity, management, self-expression and drive. That is why the North-American education system thrives on exploration and self-expression.
For a young mind in its formative years, staying on track can be a challenge. The consequences of which can change the course of their future and the college they end up in. UTutor presents them with the support they need in their journey of self-exploration, while providing them with the guidance needed to keep their academics on track at the same time!

The Founding Team

A business professional who completed his higher education in Canada; a successful entrepreneur who is reputable in community involvement; a Windsor university graduate who came to Canada for his Master Degree study, teamed up with another entrepreneur from the UK who completed most of his education there. The outcome of this union was the founding of Ututor!

True to the Canadian way, our diversity brings the spark and defines everything that UTutor stands from.
Our vision for Ututor is to not only foster a community of support and growth for students locally but also through the internet. The goal is to help students across the world take advantage of the individualism and exploration of the North-American education system.

Ututor Today

Ututor is established as a professional franchising tutoring brand. We now operate the main campus in Toronto and the other in Richmond Hill. The coming location within the year will be in Aurora, Markham and North York. Ututor is bringing a new wave with an easy-to-access learning platform that delivers tutoring and curricular courses online on its way soon! We continue to grow exponentially but steadily with the support of the parents locally and internationally.


  1. We stand out because we care about our students and tutors every step of the way!
  2. Pre-screened tutors with experience in Ontario school curriculum hired only after a trial class with parent and student approval
  3. Bi-weekly reviews to ensure standards are maintained
  4. Consistent updates on student progress
  5. who love their subjects and teaching with equal passion and determination

A well-balanced approach

We let new learners decide their pattern of learning the language, allowing you to develop strong foundational knowledge and not just language rules.

Certified instructors

Experience professional learning experience with lectures from the pro! Explore what it is like to learn with us.

Personalized study

Is it that difficult outside the classroom? No, we are up for this challenge. With our so many dedicated learners, personalize your language learning and exam preparation.

7 Years Of Experience

UTutor holds the pride in providing service and consultancy to the students and assuring that student becomes able to achieve its goal.

Best Teachers

Without any shadow of doubt, it is the members of the teaching community who impart progress into the students. Drawn from the reputed institutes, the highly qualified and experienced faculty is the greatest asset of the Ututor.

At the Ututor, we are committed to producing top-notch inspiring students who have a zeal for perpetual learning and are capable of performing well in diverse settings. While we provide the students with all the tools required to successfully take on the world, we also endeavor to instill in them those qualities that combine the best of values with modern and progressive sensibilities.

Our Values

Listen. Advice. Support

To listen, advise and support our worthy learners so that their success becomes our biggest accolade.


Contributing to the amalgamation of a diverse groups of learners in a climate of mutual respect and equality to fulfilment of collective learning.


We stimulate creativity and our ability to transform which is the driving force for our success.


Through our knowledge and command of the profession, our agenda for transparency and eagerness to fulfil the commitments of our learners maintains the bond.