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Are you looking for courses adults can join to experience life differently through new languages!

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Ututor today is where high school students come to prepare in advance and it is also where a 60-year-old adult comes to learn a new language.

Why choose professional over a private tutor?

With hiring a private tutor, comes some challenges. For example, they usually teach at home or at a library and are usually unsupervised. Inconsistency and safety can also be a challenge. Not to mention, the time it takes to conduct interviews and the cost. Private tutoring for ages has been the only answer when a student needs extra help. It can’t be denied that in some cases, it has helped a great deal. 

However,  what if there is a better and more consistent solution available today? What if you have the access to a setting that has all the structure, safety and consistency of a classroom (with progress reports) but still deliver customized tutoring; saving you time and money? 

That is what makes professional tutoring stand apart from private tutoring.

What Do We Do?

High School Credit Courses & University Preparation

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Language Enrichment

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We stand out because we care about our students and tutors every step of the way!

  • Pre-screened tutors with experience in Ontario school curriculum hired only after a trial class with parent and student approval
  • Bi-weekly reviews to ensure standards are maintained
  • Consistent updates on student progress
  • Tutors who love their subjects and teaching with equal passion and determination





September 16, 2018, is a special day for me because this is the first time I have hosted a charity event in  English for Regional Councillors Campaign in both Chinese and English. It was also the first time I have been in Canada for a month doing volunteer work.

I have hosted many evening parties and competitions in China, but I rarely used bilingualism. So I must say that this experience has been unforgettable. This is an important stage of my life path because this time it made me realise that as long as I believe in myself, nothing is impossible.

At the event, Aimee always gave me a look of confidence, as if to say, "Hey Jason, don't be afraid, you are doing very well!" With this support, my determination grew, and I almost forgot that I was hosting the event in English. English words came one by one, forming sentence after sentence so smoothly. So much so that I was singing the national anthem and felt absolutely no hesitation at all. I am grateful to the Ututor Education Center and to my teachers.

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100% Customer satisfaction is what we dedicate to achieve. With monthly study report provided to parents and students, the faculty of tutors stay in the active interactions with them and always glad to help whenever students and parents have concerns of study or tests.

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When I first heard of Ututor, I have ready to drop out. Wilson, as my student guide, had a very friendly conversation with me making me feel like family. He told me about his overseas study experience as an international student who left home young to study in Canada and now is building his own business. He helped me get my English, Math, Physics tutoring courses and helped me fix my failed credit courses. I stand on my feet again today and I have him to thank!


Ututor inspired in me a keenness to keep learning. I feel happy and fulfilled by studying new languages and making new friends here.

Helen, Cindy's Mom

Ututor is like a family to us. Cindy loves to be here after school and enjoys  her private tutoring time with very nice teachers, who are always patient and kind to answer all her questions with regards to English studies.

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