Guideline of English Conversation

Food & Eating


▪ How to make an order in restaurant?

▪ How to buy coffee in Tim Hortons?

▪ Menu of Starbucks/McDonald’s

▪ What’s your favorite food in your country? Describe how to make it. (For writing

practice, students can write a recipe for their favorite food.)

▪ What are your favorite foods here in Canada? Are there any foods here you don’t


Key Points: Food name, ingredients, menu read.



▪ How to open/close an account in bank?

▪ What is the account type and how about the bank fee?

▪ How to ask for multiple language assistance?

▪ How to use online banking and phone bank?

▪ Credit card etc.

Key Points: bank account name, credit card usage, bills payment.



▪ Stereotypes of Canadian schools?

▪ Classes and general requirements of different schools.

▪ How to find your dream school and enroll in?

▪ Study life and schoolmates

Key Points: grades name, subjects, education importance, and Canadian school life.



▪ Car parts diagram

▪ Terms of driving on the road, and makes of some popular cars.

▪ How to deal with a car accident? And how to deal with different type of tickets.

▪ How to inquire about car insurance?

Key Points: terms of frequently used parts of a car.



▪ How to ask sales person to help find right thing/size/color you need?

▪ How to do refund/exchange?

▪ How to read and take use of coupons?

Key Points: vocabularies of clothes/fashion brands, color, style,design.

Household Chores


▪ What kind of chores do you have to do in Canada? Who do it?

▪ When you were growing up in your country, what chores did your parents do?

▪ Which chores were for men and which for women?

▪ Do people still have to do those chores now? Why or why not?

Hobbies and Sports


▪ What do you like to do when you’re not working?

▪ Do you play any sport?

▪ What’s the most popular sport in your country? Is it popular here?



▪ What’s the best job you ever had? Why was it good?

▪ What’s the worst job you ever had? Why was it bad?



Describe dating customs in your country. What’s appropriate? What’s not?

▪ How is dating different in the United States?

▪ How do people celebrate weddings in your country? Describe a wedding you

attended — your own or someone else’s.

Children’s Lives


▪ In your country, what role do children play in the family? Do they do household

chores or help families earn money?

▪ Should teenagers work at paying jobs, or focus entirely on school?

▪ Do children in your country help make any family decisions?

▪ How do you think children’s lives are different in the United States?



▪ What are the most important holidays in your country? How do people celebrate


▪ Which holiday is your favorite? Why?

▪ Do you celebrate any American holidays? Which one do you like best? Why?



More Topics reference to: The Internet TESL Journal.