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ESL (English as a Second Language) Newcomers program

Learning for A Better Life


Beginning a new job? Moving to a new country? Need to improve your ability to interact socially or improve your performance at work? Or do you simply want to mingle with the native speakers?

ESL New Comer English Program is structured to assist adults and young students in building English language proficiency that translates to a better quality of life. 

Hui Zhu


With 40 Hours of ESL New Comer English Class, Hui Zhu, a new immigrant from China got an offer to study in George Brown College.

Susan Naghshi


With 40 Hours of ESL New Comer English Class, Susan Naghshi, from Iran, has improved her English proficiency to from Level 0 to Level 3.

Welcome to Ututor ESL Newcomers Program

Do you want to get into a better college as Hui did? 

Do you want to be able to contribute to business and live a better life like Susan? 

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What Do We Do?

Do you have difficulty forming basic sentences and speaking simple phrases?

Do you face a challenge with translating your ideas in a longer form of speech even in familiar social situations?

Do you need to learn to present your thoughts and idea effectively in social or professional situations you are unfamiliar with?

Do you need to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening to be better students or professionals and build more depth and language sophistication?

Do you need to up your game to identify grammatical errors and make better presentations at the same time?

No matter what your level of English is, we have an ESL program to improve it!

Level 1

By the end of this level, you will be able to hold short conversations. Read simple texts and write basic sentences. Use the language to meet the basic needs simply put.

Level 2

By the end of this level, you will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of the language. You are better equipped to write and speak longer paragraphs. You can essentially handle all basic tasks involving communication in English.

Level 3

By the end of this level, you will have expanded your understanding of the fundamentals and will be able to apply it to conversations; even in situations that are unfamiliar.

Level 4

By the end of this level, you will have gained all the language training needed to have the basic communications skills needed to prosper as a student or professional.

Level 5

By the end of this level, you will be ready to take on the more advanced nuances of the English language and become a good presenter at the same time.

Meet Your Tutors



A former co-founder of a NASDAQ listed company and a well-trained  TESOL English teacher, employs a communicative style of teaching connecting the language with everyday life. Her goal is not only to teach someone English the language but to also to help them adapt to local community of English culture.make it their second mother tongue.



With a PhD in comparative literature and over a decades experience in teaching English, Professor Reza has been training students and professionals to ace IELTS since 2009.



She has employed techniques of continuous improvement to help students excel in English when preparing for IELTS, SSAT and literary courses since 1995.



Daisy, with a background in various business study courses, applies her knowledge to teaching English by helping students prepare for the real world of education and business. She also supports students by training them in various university preparation courses in business management.



Laura, with the rich history in the study of languages especially English and French, has helped many international and young scholars not just meet but surpass the language expectations of some of the best schools with this continuous feedback methodology.

Preparing is the only key to success.

We are here to assist in the journey of your life by building the much-needed language skills!


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