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The world is changing, shrinking, uniting and moving in a different direction. Jobs that were essential 10 years back are obsolete today. While jobs that we never thought would even exist are the future. 

AI, robotics, blockchain and a lot more are taking over! The demands and the competition that your children face are not just higher but so very different. Are you ready for how parenting today is also changing constantly?

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The Future Education Summit is tailored to help you find these answers

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Technology, specifically AI and virtual reality, have almost entirely changed the way societies and traditional industries work today. It is time education catches up, to ensure that the future generations are ready to contribute! But as parents, what do you need to know? That is the answer that you will find at the Future Education Summit.

Speakers of The Summit in 2018

Dr Ashleigh Molloy, President and Founder of TransEd Institute

Sambhavi Chandrashekar, Accessibility Consultant, Inclusive Educator and Researcher

Omid Sadeghi, The founder & director of The BlockchainHub, a (global) leader in blockchain education

Glendale Reyes, Project Coordinator and Career Educator of The Learning Partnership (Canada)

Amelia Ng, Parental Coaching, Child Growth & Development, Child Afterschool Program Counsellor

Hang Wu, Blockchain Co-Founder, Engineer, MIT Media Lab

Christopher Chan, A PhD candidate studying urban search and rescure robotics.

Future education summit 2018 TORONTO


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