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G9-G12 High school credit courses tutoring

The time to make college applications arrives in the blink of an eye. Have you decided which college you want to apply to? Are your grades as good as they need to be, to get you to the top schools? Do you know what you want to study in the university?

Our High School Credit Courses Tutoring program presents students with the ability to think, explore, understand and then move forward to their future education. We build intelligent minds and futures.

What do we do in this program?

Assist Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12th students improve their grades while also introducing them to the professional world; to help them make more informed decisions.


Brian said he almost dropped out of school when his friend told him about Ututor.

Having come overseas for his secondary education, his struggle was not just with studying but also with adapting to the new culture. To quote Brian, “Wilson, the Head of Student Guidance, had a very friendly conversation with me making me feel like family. He told me about his overseas study experience as an international student who left home young to study in Canada and now is building his own business of Ututor. He helped me get my English, Math, Physics tutoring courses and helped me fix my failed credit courses. Today, I stand on my feet again and I have him to thank!”



Grade 9 (MPM1D)

Students learn to investigate, use technology effectively along with abstract reasoning to understand the mathematical concepts of algebra, analytic geometry, linear systems and measurement. This they then put into general equations.

Grade 10 (MPM2D)

This course is meant to broaden the understanding of the relationships discovered in the previous course and extend their problem-solving abilities. Concepts of quadratic equations, trigonometry is introduced while the analytical geometry and linear systems concepts are strengthened.

Grade 11 (MCR3U)

This course builds on the understanding of mathematical functions by extending the exposure of concepts to linear and quadratic equations. Through investigations of properties, they learn about discrete and continuous functions that include trignometric and exponential functions to represent them algebraically and graphically. They also study the inverse of these functions.

The most important aspect of this course, however, is that they learn to reason and communicate with mathematics at the centre of their logic.

Grade 12

The learning from the grade 11 course is furthered by application of their reasoning to real-world situations. A specific course in data management (MDM4U) introduces students to the application of statistics to data management for those planning to enter into business, social sciences or humanities. The specific courses in calculus, vectors (MCV4U) and other advanced functions (MHF4U) help students build fundamentals and meet the prerequisites for some university courses in advanced math.


Assist students to build clarity and precision in their language to achieve more in their academic endeavours.

Grade 9 (ENG1D) - Students learn to develop better oral communication, reading, writing and media literacy skills needed for better results in school programs and life. This course also lays the foundation for grade 10.

Grade 10 (ENG2D) - This course along with building on the results of the previous course also engages students in the analysis and creation of various media works. The focus is on helping students build more effective communication strategies for themselves, laying a foundation for the university preparation courses that follow in grade 11 and 12.

Grade 11 (ENG3U) - Building on the grade 10 course, students move on to learn how to analyze more complicated texts from various time periods and cultures. This analysis is then applied to create various forms of oral, written and graphic media texts to build accuracy and clarity in communication.

Grade 12 (ENG4U) - This course will leverage the learning from the previous courses to help students not only analyze but also interpret and evaluate challenging texts. All the clarity and precision developed will be driven into presenting and developing better academic content especially in the written format.




Grade 9 (SNC1D)

The course builds the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, physics, earth and science to build its relation to technology, environment and society of today. Students not only understand scientific theories, but they also learn how to investigate the relationship of the theories to sustainable ecosystems, atomic and molecular structures, properties of the elements and compounds, the study of the universe, and the principles of electricity.

Grade 10 (SNC2D)

This course is structured to enhance the learning in the previous grade and help students leverage investigative techniques to enhance their understanding of the relationship between the theories and plants/animals particularly chemical reactions, interactions of light and matter, forces that impact climate and climate change.



Grade 11 (SBI3U) - The course builds the theoretical understanding of subjects like diversity, anatomy, growth and functions of plants by refining the investigative skills of students.

Grade 12 (SBI4U) -  The understanding built in the previous course is further enhanced by helping students probe through investigative techniques in areas of metabolic processes, molecular genetics, homeostasis, evolution and population dynamics.




Grade 11 (SCH3U)

Through investigative techniques, students learn the relationship between solids, liquids and gases to explore how chemistry is used in the development of new products and processes. The focus lies in the importance of chemistry in the other branches of science.

Grade 12 (SCH4U)

The understanding of chemistry is deepened through the study of organic chemistry, energy changes and their rates, equilibrium and chemical systems, electrochemistry, and atomic and molecular structures. The emphasis is laid on chemistry in daily life along with the impact of chemical technology on the environment.



Grade 11 (SPH3U) - Students are assisted in understanding the fundamentals of kinematics, kinds of forces, energy transformations, mechanical waves and sounds, electricity and magnetism. They also learn the relationship between physics and technology to consider the impact of its application on society and the environment.

Grade 12 (SPH4U) - The experience from the previous course is enhanced with the additions of electrical, gravitational and magnetic fields with electromagnetic radiation.


Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC)

This course is designed as an open level to help students take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test that is required for the student to graduate. 

Business Studies


Grade 9 and 10 (BB1O &BBI2O) - Introduction to Business

This course introduces students to the world of business by giving them a conceptual understanding of the functions and skills needed to run a business in today’s world.

Grade 9 and 10 (BTT1O & BTT2O) - Introduction to Information technology in Business

This course introduces students to the application of information technology in business through training in research, communication and use of the common business software.

Grade 11 (BAF3M) - Financial Accounting Fundamentals

This course helps students take their first steps into the world of accounting by introducing them to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting.

Grade 12 (BAT4M) - Financial Accounting Principles

This course introduces students to the advanced accounting principles to prepare them post-secondary studies in business by building on the course in fundamentals.

Grade 12 (BBB4M) - International Business Fundamentals

Students are introduced to the economic relationships of the country with the world to help them understand its impact on business.

Grade 12 (BOH4M) - Business Leadership

The focus is laid on decision-making, group dynamics, workplace stress, conflict management and motivation to equip young students with the knowledge needed to grow into better leaders.


Canadian and World Studies

Grade 9 (CGC1D) - Geography of Canada

Through the use of a variety of geo-technologies, inquiry and communications students will explore the distinct and changing geographical systems, their relationship human systems in Canada; explore Canada's economic, cultural and environmental connections to other countries to present their findings.

Grade 10 (CHV20) - Civics

Students are taught to apply critical thinking to evaluate public issues and react responsibly as informed and participating citizens of a democratic society. This is achieved through the studies of the different elements of democracy in the local, national and global context.

Grade 11 (CHW3M) - World History to the 16th Century

Students are introduced to diverse societies from around the world at different times to study the political, cultural, economic and historical forces that shaped the modern world. They will be taught to apply inquiry, critical thinking and communication in individual and group settings to present their own conclusions.

Grade 12 (CHI4U) - Canada: History, Identity and Culture

This course presents to the students the challenges that associate with the formation of the Canadian national identity. Through critical thinking and communication, they will examine the social, political and economic forces to debate issues of culture and identity to present their own views.




Grade 9 (ADA1O) - Drama

The course exposes students to various forms and techniques of drama to help them build an understanding of themselves, the art form and the world around them.

Grade 10 (AVI2O) - Visual Arts

Students further explore the world of producing and presenting art through the introduction to new ideas, materials and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation. Students are encouraged to reflect and think critically to interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.


Healthy Active Living Education

Grade 9 (PPL1O)

Students are encouraged to participate in regular physical activities in an effort to promote healthy living. They explore issues related to healthy sexuality, use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The activities are designed to foster goal setting, communication and social skills.


Classical Studies and International Language


Grade 12 (LVV4U)

This course introduces students to the rich cultural legacy of the classical world including mythology, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, science, technology, ancient Greek and Latin languages. Students work on their communication and research skills along with developing an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of the modern and ancient worlds.


Knowledge is key but preparation teaches you how to use it!


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