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Hosting Company

Who we are:

UTutor Education Centre is a professional after-school tutoring school aiming to help high school students to achieve academic successes and prepare them with better grades to apply Top University and Colleges. The students studied with UTutor rate the Centre as their most trustable education organization. With the tutoring help from UTutor, almost every student has improved their grades to higher level and has gained their desirable academic achievements.

What we do:

We customize effective after-school tutoring program to continually educate students out of their daytime school schedules, and we offer excellent language programs to help students gain advantages from culture diversity, such French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more.

Every education center provides professional tutors with customized study plan to meet each individual student’s needs. The Centre is not only to help students to raise their school study marks but also provide study counselling advices to students and their parents to have more educational options to meet their goals.

Our mission:

UTutor is aiming to become a popular brand with high-end and high-quality study atmosphere for students. We commit to developing a global scaled education group in operating a private high school, a franchising after-school tutoring centre and a career college.

Currently, UTutor Education is in the process of review to be licensed as a private high school. Meanwhile, the application for career college license has reached its second stage. Our founding team would like to help as many students as we can to help them to make their dreams come true by endeavouring ultimate contributions to Canadian education.

Our responsibility:

Being the part of the educational industry in Canada, UTutor follows the standard curricular requirements to provide suitable teaching methods in sync with public and private schools. UTutor always keen to put efforts and focus on the new trends and emerging changes, which would impact to the educational industry. The company is willing to share experience and insights with schools and colleges. We believe that catching the most advanced spots on education will innovate and guide students to a better future.

Our target market:

Local GTA students from primary schools to high schools: the group of students who need afterschool tutoring to improve their study grades.

New comers to Canada: the young students from abroad and their parents who accompany them.

International students: the people come from other countries to study the English language or certificate programs private schools or colleges.

Theme of the Summit

Artificial Intelligence & Future Education

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence (A.I.) has become increasingly significant to the human society. VR devices and machinery operating systems have brought great impacts on all walks of traditional industries.

As one of the traditional industry, education also faces the challenges and opportunities. What kind of challenges we will have and how we will make contribution to the local and global education with the technological application of A.I. are two major aspects we would like to discuss on this Summit.

Many experienced experts and practitioners from educational industry and A.I. related fields are going to join the Summit. Some extraordinary ones will give the speeches to present their great thoughts about the tremendous changes that A.I. technology brought into education. Together with the attendants who are parents and students, teachers, educators, innovative inventors, researchers, scholars and entrepreneurs, we sincerely hope the Summit will create the opportunity for all to share intelligence and insights, henceforward, to enlighten the spark of a brighter future education.


  • 12:30pm Registration & networking
  • 1:00pm Opening speech 
  • Speech1: Dr. Ashleigh Molloy, Educator
  • “The Transformation of Traditional Education”
  • Speech2: Dr.Sambhavi Chandrashekar, Accessibility Program Manager, D2L Corporation
  • “How Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in K-12 Education”
  • Speech3: Omid Sadeghi, Blockchain Evangelist
  • Speech4: Glendale Reyes, Youth Career Educator 
  • “Real Talk: Education for the Skills Economy”
  • 2:50pm Coffee break
  • Speech5: Amelia NG, Parental Educator
  • “Parents! How to prepare your kids in the 21 Century E-learning?”
  • Speech6: Hang Wu, Appliances Interacts with audience
  • “The Intelligence Augmentation Applied to Human’s Learning”
  • Speech7: Christopher Chan 
  • “IEDs and Neutralization”
  • Speech8: Bulb Tech Corp 
  • Panorama Camera Applied to E-Learning
  • Speech9: DOTS International Education Group 
  • Speech10: Toronto eSchool
  • “Online Education, Bring the Kids Bright Future”
  • Closing Speech 
  • 5:20pm Photographing & Media Interview, Networking 
  • 6:00pm Check out from the venue


We welcome and appreciate the sponsorship for supporting a prosperous education environment being provided and created in the belief that all deserve a better future through education, and we hope the Summit will contribute intelligence and greatness to a successful business network, in the following sectors: School Board, Schools, Private Education Institutions, Immigration and International Students Services, Communities, Culture and Language Programs, Technology Tycoons and Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, etc.



  • 30 Parents 
  • 20 Students 
  • 10 Teachers
  • 10 Educators
  • 10 I.T. Companies
  • 5 Immigrant and International Students Services
  • 5 Private school principles
  • 5 Community New Comer Help Organizations
  • Online registrations
  • 10 media to be invited: CBC, Toronto Star, Global and Mails, etc.