What Is Your Dream Job?

What do you want to do for a living after your education? Not an easy question to answer!

Especially for a young adult navigating courses in school and trying to find their calling in life at the same time, without any firsthand experience. The challenge lies in identifying what profession would suit, where their interest/passion takes them and at the same time understand what the trends and opportunities are.

But what if you could have the help of professionals who have helped many other students like you before?


What Do We Do?

Lay foundations that build strong future!

We help students by assisting them in achieving better grades, provide career counselling, English for academic purpose and support personal statement writing assignments during applications.


Grade 11-12 University Study Preparation Plan

Assist students to gain better grades to improve the chances of receiving an offer from the their dream colleges through the structured yet customizable tutoring sessions in Math, English, Physics, Chemistry,  Biology, Accounting and so on.

For more information, head to high school credit courses.

High School Credit Courses

English for Academic Purpose

English, being the primary language for learning and communication during employment, in Canada demands proficiency of high level. 

In this program, we provide international students and new-comers the support needed to learn a new language and prepare to think, speak and live it.


Career Counseling

Support students in identifying their own interests and characteristics while exploring the marketplace trends and the opportunities it offers.

Meet your Tutors



Pirajayan brings with him extensive experience in teaching advanced math and sciences in the TDBS curriculum enabling his students to score higher, therefore placing them with better grades during university applications.



With a bachelors in chemistry and experience in industrial metal extraction, Mohammed unites his passion for the subjects of chemistry and physics with his passion for teaching. He helps students see beyond the equations to understand the real-life application of these concepts.



With degrees in Environment Application Arts and Early Childhood Education, assists students in their journey of self-discovery and passion helping them find direction towards what kind of a future they would like to build.

David Wang


With the Master Degree in Engineer major in the University of  Western Ontario,, David helps high school students improve their credit scores while preparing for university by not only simplifying the concepts of math and science but also by helping them apply these concepts to real-life scenarios.



After spending many years in Paris and other parts of France, Jacqueline brings the French language to life in her classroom by helping her students learn not just speak the language but also think and feel in it.



Hamid, with the Master Degree  in Physics and a college teacher  certification, prepares young students in developing advanced understanding and reasoning in the concepts of math and physics giving them an upper hand in their future education.



With the rich history in the study of languages especially English and French, Christopher has helped many international and young scholars not just meet but surpass the language expectations of some of the best schools with this continuous feedback methodology.



With extensive experience in the real world of finance, Hanna empowers her students by taking the principles of accounting and delivering learning through business scenarios preparing them for the more advanced courses at the university level.

Thinking what next? Then the time to take action is NOW!